yeah yeah yeah
let the fire burn
let the fire roar
bouncin' back and forth to beat
gettin' angle wings to soar high


i gotta hit den submit it to
let the flame consume me, control me, that i would listen to it
glisten while its christenin'
rhymes that bring precision through it
lines paintin' vision through it
lives resurrected through it
game well respected for it and that's why we so true with it and ain't gone never be through with it
why we so hot but cool with it
so fresh, so clean, so new with it
so let the fire burn
let the fire roar
build ya body baby
trust me you'll be comin' back for more
lack for no more
a thirst for no thing
hurt for no pain
a lust for no man
or woman not yours (whoa)
and that's the truth man
hundred fifty proof man
swig some and get dumb so you could get high

course 2 x


Sink in favor what you pick behavior
flash across the screen it inflict the flavor
cherish and embrace in every moment saved unconsciously
our conquest
aimlessly they goin' bonkers smokin' on dat bombsess
foolishness and nonsense
we barely scratch the surface
not on purpose about a thousand times around with countless minds
we pass they lives as worthless
we poke our nose when those boys pose
we curious to see what's goin down when doors close
figure out they morse code
they box up they emotion
cause commotions
beyond they act like big fishes in a pond
but really they rocks in da ocean
boned it eyes
saw da score
in '94
and we cleaned the floor
with pores that were soar
mended wings 'til we reached the core

course til fade out

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