Oh hey, the way, my selectable delectable, break you
Off a twang 'cause my thang is respectable
Get in where i fit in, no secrets nothin' hidden
I check their heads bobbin' and throbbin' 'cause its
Written material, milkin' ya'll like cereal, ethereal
Messages, portrayal of my jesus christ i guess it's
Just the way i choose to use my chords to bring the
Instead of pain, i realize there's power in the name
Zzzt goes the lightnin'. it's cracklin' it's
Much needed calling card to prevent from falling hard
Hittin' your head on pavement, you need to peep my
Precautious with the info, now why you livin' sinful?
Your nature's starting to swallow you
Your friends beginning to follow you
The devil's pullin' strings to demolish and abolish
You like fetus', his cohort- the roscoes and cletus'
Riot like carman with the intent of harmin'
Attacks in every area, deadly like malaria
And viruses, i can see the hurt in your iris'
Why was this turmoil aimed at me?
A curse put in reverse, i suspect aptly
Much thought is required in the question you just
Take the script called your life, make some changes
And reword it
Take callin' with the bawlin', time is nigh to put
Asunder, scatter blunder
Fresh manna feeds the hunger.

Why you livin' on the chance for hopes and dreams
When you should be takin' life the way that it seems
Nothin' good will manifest, your still intent on being
Why you livin' on a chance for hopes and dreams?

Recollections and memoirs of a pre-saved era, although
I waddled in the truth i still dipped in the devil's
Bad is bad, you could say i had my share of it
Doing nothing drastic, depending on how you stare at
Skipping down the road i see the signs ahead and then
Cadaver central opens once the flesh is dead
'cause it's knowda not yoda don't toy when finding
Paths, then select the narrow 'cause the broad has
Booby traps
For me to fall in and all together miss my callin'
Snares placed strategically, realms changed
Fools don't know and yet they really don't know, the
Failure to receive the wisdom stumps the inner mans
It's difficult to understand if you can't fathom the
Wrath i ask you-what if the rapture sweeps past?
In the end is only when you'll feel the strength of
The seven
Sorrow goes out for opposition-armagedon is the place
Where his kingdom will cross the lost and victory goes
Unto those who took the cross
So now i take my stand, subject myself to persecution
Since i've been informed i'm not alarmed by execution
In the public
Relationship with christ none above it, i love it
I'm mesmerized beyond infatuation
To show the love of christ tightens other relations
Waitin' in his midst to catch a glimpse of his glory.


Yo change up that beat so they can peep my direction
To blood streams legal syringes of rhyme lectures
Infectious as wounds cleanse internal like prunes
Soon callin' his name some will still see doom
You assume, 'cause you mention him as lord of your
On award shows and albums everything is alright
Who you? i never knew, say you did what for me?
But you can start now, depart now, worker of iniquity
Them shout outs, got you spat out quicker than cobras
Livin' beyond reproach until your sins found you broke
Breathless you choke and gasp
In his name you asked forgiveness of your past and
Aquital for your task
Ask me? you livin' on chances with lucky odds
Got one up, still breathin' frontin' with god
But the time has come don't miss the cue, be false or
'cause them "freak me baby, thanks to my savior" days
Are through
Straight up, i'm tired of fakes that be claimin' in
The family
Granted, our mother's one but our fathers are know
So those who claim relations hope your life is the
Ain't no playin' with you
Spoke in love but in truth
And intents of being blessed and nothin' good is
Manifesting from your life man-you livin' on a chance
Of hopes and dreams.

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