you wanna know why we do this
we keep speakin these verses
in purpose of breakin curses
with persicutional surface keep tryin to
put us in hearses it seems
even the churches been blinded for recognizin our talent
its part of the plans of God reachin man
understand so many searchin, understand so many hurtin
flirtin with death , and slowly closin the curtain on hope
to find a better way, a brighter light and darker days
strike the spark to start, and burn a bluer blaze
maybe we missed it but um, what if we didnt these drums
maybe the difference is needed for when it sums
so i dedicated my body to be the sacrifice
livin and the beat it copywrite writen to raise dead
and the course read led by be sweat
which is to be the beacon they seakin, when somethin has gotta give
so eternal existance is not a tellital mistant
but a reality of faith, believin in He, recievin through me

call and ill be there
talkin to you now
we do, to believe in me
to we be easily
where are you goin, goin
call and i'll be there
talkin to you now
we do, to believe in me
to we be easily
where are you goin

happiness is my acomplice
part of myself, up outa this rut without a map or compass
doin good is so presumtius
its one of my many functions
i got the skinny anyone of yall walkin awlful prenny
thats why i speak so gently
help out like Farnsworth Bently
just do my part and put my heart and whole, though trials may tempt me
play full of the emotions pinley
speak through my actions lately
problems is stackin baby
control the freak in me secretly thats whats crackin baby
and you dont have to hate me, or under rate what i do
conviction with diction i choose to use expressin my view
tell me whose land we on (oh) and get a gander of the man and conversate when and whose gate we landed on
attackin my defenses so relentless knock me senseless
and i woke to those ones faces and the traces of repentance
baby gotcha smellin the gunsmoke smoke
i avoke profusley and loosly envoke the one quote

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