Ladies and gentle The sound is fresh Out with the old In with the newest No plan b So we here in the flesh Call your neighbor up Cause you rockin with the best yes! G-R-OUP O-N-E C to the R to the E- double "V", Could it be We got the world chasin a dream Could it be They callin us modern Luther Kings A team of 3 cats And a king A tale unfolds While the whole world is watching Word on the street is We the Fugees with a swing But I say we are What they could have been with the trinity You listening To a man that's free He gave me the keys I free'd slavery I write mean sixteen's So yall can feel me And I write liberty So yall can feel he!!

shut the door man come on in, there's a new thing about to begin, bring the party to life, we see them dead get the oxygen there's a new thing about to begin, bring the party to life

How ya doin man, I'm about to ruin any group 1 opinion that you might have had, see we the soul train part of this game and no fame is gonna make us change (that's right), what it been like, we done traveled the world and havn't seen nothing better than Christ (sho you right) this aint cocky you watch me while I watch he who bought me like I was eBayed and not cheap, so its only right that I let this microphone become part of my bones while I give it life, what you're hearing is an exhale god breathes and I receive flow so you can't tell, who this be when we ride this beat we 3 deep in the front seat with destiny, make no mistake homy we goin reap what sown new rights to homes while god makes us right at home

I hit the spot 8 oclock I be rockin it, keep it live when I arrive aint no stopping it, hit the dance floor breaking, poppin, lockin' it, like a rolex everybody's watching this, never knew Christ could be so marvelous we the crew that you can't forget we own this, so get your shoes on and you're lookin right everybody in the spot bring the party to life

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