Ain't nothin new in the game, old flames die but you still remain
Remain, inside my brain till the day they certifiably consider me insane
Control everything I do like a game
Checkmate my heart my heart won't be the same
You can see me with the strings still attached
If I move you can move me back it's like that

So many things I wanna say but you already know
You see right through the heart of me
So I'll just give you what I know that you're asking for
You got every part of me

You could never ask for too much, got me hypnotized by the way you love
And the truth is I, really want you for the rest of my life
And it's true what they say about love
A lil bit goes on long way and trust
I ain't ever gonna give you up
As long as I'm still alive I'm goin love

Oh, I want you to know, you're all that I been waiting for, I'm letting go, I think it's time for you to take control

[Post Chorus:]
Take it away [x4]
Cause who you are makes me wanna give it away

I don' t pay attention to, the crazy things that they say
I can't get enough of you
They try to tell me that without you I would still be ok
But they don't know you like I know I do

I'm so moved by the way you (are) shine like the brightest star and by (far) only one who knows who I are (you know I'm so into you) and I can't believe that you're (more) more than I ever could've dream (for) it's so amazing how I (would do anything for you)

It's crazy how you got me lately can't think straight cause I'm think bout you daily been through a lot and you saved me your love has never failed me I stay focused cause it's hard to coupe with what this world offers when your closest to the top but I can't flop cause I need your love to keep me on lock

Don't need to look around
I got you to hold me down now
You got me you got me you're all I need
I'll give you all control
So I'll never be alone now
I know you got me you got me ya

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