I can't go, we ain't goin' no where
There's no plan B put your hands in the air
I can't go, we ain't goin' no where
Not goin' to leave the game until we sittin' on top
I can't go, we ain't goin' no where
There's no plan B put your hands in the air
I can't go, we ain't goin' no where
We've been given too much to stop, I can't

We don't wanna leave until we making history so here we go…

They tell me get as much as you can before it all stops
One minute they love you, then the next you flop
But I'm not a part of this game to just claim the top
I rock to better define the meaning of hot it's not
Hard to find how these lines take life
Into the form of ya boy that be melting this mic
I spit heat, but heat can't alter your mind
Without the truth being spoken that the broken can find
I've been down one too many times but I
Wanna blow up like Kanye and touch the sky
So I can teach all my people what it means to fly
And see they life at a height that's parallel to God's eyes
I wanna leave a legacy that's beyond any song
That belongs on the top of the charts it ain't wrong
But I got to make it clear we ain't goin' no where
'Til our faith takes place of the air now breathe it in

We goin' rickety rock rock cuz we can
To the tigity top its hot play our jam,
You can believe it or not it's not up to man,
We've been given what we've been given to give it and

Yo its crunch time cause we
Racing time to leave a mark
In time where people got to
Busy to even want
To know about themselves
Even less the ones they love
And we noticed their predicament
Therefore we showed up
Hold up you know my crew
Calling your bluff
If you ain't spitting truth
Better check the lines you bust
I can hear the fuss
He's this and he's that
How about educating minds
With the lines that you rap
Let's consider that we raising the bar
Healing the scars
Injecting an antidote
In those who are called
To bring forth a future
That our seeds can evolve
Into a mindset where they
Can reach for the stars
See you can't lock group
1 crew in a box
Yeah we make hits but
We adding our own touch
3 years in the making
And we just about to begin
To leave a mark every time
That the record spins
Yo since I was a little girl I've longed for the place that we at.
I've been close so many times yet something would lack
From wack songs I moved on and now it's a fact
I'm like a chain see I'm a neckless I can't look back
In my twenties and I'm steadily headed for more ground
We got one shot to reach the top to watch out,
For the crew who be makin' moves like checkmate
Just wait ain't no plan B homie just plan A

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