Before I even start the day
Before distractions come my way
Before it ever gets crazy
I gotta have our time

I want to be close to you
So you can bring me back to the truth
Cause the only way I'll make it through
I gotta have our time

I love the moments when you freeze my clock
And in the middle of the day
Then we go and take a walk in the park
You never want to be apart from me
Cause you hold me so close to your heart

Our time
To get away
Your time
To be alone with me
My time where I can hear you say
Everything I need to get me through the day
Our time
To bring it back to one
And this is your time
To show me your love
And this is my time
To learn to trust
I know that I need it so much
Our time

Oh oh
Bring it back to the

In the middle of my doubt and fear
In the middle of my pain and tears
I know you want to meet me hear
So we can have our time
I can share anything with you
And I'll always be the same to you
Everyday you want to make me new
We gotta have our time

And when I feel the tick tock chasing me
I just got to make a pit stop constantly
Cause you know it's what I want and what I need
Just to bring me back to the place
Where my eyes can see

Lord I believe
You're all I need
I gotta have you everyday
I won't take a step till you tell me what's next
Show me the way

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