Sittin in my room, I want to hear You speak
I'd never be alone, if it was up to me
You take me to the sky, with You I feel so free
The apple of Your eye Your my lover and my King and
You've been there when my whole world was crashin'
Down and now I know Your love is lasting
Cause I know that You'll catch me
In your arms I'll be safe from all harm and we'll…

Fly, take me up to Your home
No intention to come down, You take me
High, oh so high
Every time I'm in Your presence
Fly, You're amazing, I'm rearranging
High, oh I'm there with You, with You

Keep it going keep it flowing
Feel the motion take life
Breathe life

I don't wanna feel alone so I need You
Hold my hand in this walk of life let's breeze through
Let my lips tell the story of Your greatness
And let my ears cry when I play this
Song for You in all I do let me breathe life
Inside my heart there's a passion so I still fight
For my life cause there's a darkness trying to break in
And there's the love You give, and I'm a take it in….

Lost in melodic tones of grace that has me
Elevatin' and simply waitin' to be the victim of Your patience so
In love with all You do You're so amazing
And got me shifting, cause my heart is steady racing like

I hear a knockin' on my door I let You in
To who I am, what I want, where I've been
Incredible the way You move me
And this is how it should be we fly

You get me so high
So high that I find my self walking around the rings of Saturn
In search of a love that makes my heart beat to a different pattern
I just want to (fly)
On an escapade to a place where
I can see you face to face and
We can both kick back and have a conversation
About this ingenious system you created called love.
Oh God how I love to love you
And spend time with you
That leads me into a state of gratitude
For choosing me to give your love to
God you got me wanting to…

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