One look in the mirror
If i looked like you i would smother
I don´t know anything else so nasty
So smutty and so handicapped
Just one sick thought of your empty head

Looking like a fish,smell like a fish
I love you
Talking like a fish,walking like a fish
A dick like a female fish
That is nota

What did you say?
I couldn´t understand
I still respect your face
You look like you wanted to say
I´m ok,it´s not my problem if you´re down
But,if you don´t remember
I can tell it to you again

Who left me?
Who assure me a peaceful world?
And who is walking on a thin line?!!!

Looking like a fish...

If anybody ask me
Where is my husband
I will say he is away
And he is free of sins

Do you know where you are?
Let´s say: hell is hot

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