Trapping out my beemer
Like a stunt man umma stunt
Though my leather is so soft
I put my top off in the trunk
Baby shakey in the places
Say she seen me in my dump
Picked her up in purple vette
Dueces on back twenties on front
Shawty hot tamalee
See me cop that mazoratte
In a lambi in a bently
Shout out to my nigga quick
Shout to my boy diego making pesos for them bricks
Gucci gucci im yours truly
East atlanta is the shit
I told em swag up im swaggered up
Yea gucci got his swag up
Boy thank he thank you mad now umma make you madder
Im swag up im swaggered up boy thank im so swagged up you must ta bust yo ketched up cuz i thank im so swagged up
Back on that dope shit tracker trailer boat shit
Cooking up that coke quick cooking up that dope quick
Cooking up that coka you can call me sosa
Rolling up that chocha
I need me some mo bra
Partner you a ponta grande mutea mocha ask me for a duce
And ocha
Bring me all my pesos you know my amigo
My plug half columbian
Gucci mans a negro
Smoking on that street dough
My girlfriend is bilingual
Ask me to speak english
But im talking with my fingers
Brazilian bitches batheing in a bathtub full of singles
Snouting powder smoking weed yes they popping pills
M-6 drop top beemer ship from germany
Outfit from scissorly
Bank account is switzerland
Literally so icey the energy
Gucci man the business man so tell me what the business be bitch
Me caso is collaso swallow water with the bottle hollow
Shout out to my boy rocko i ball like no tomorrow
And my watch is real retarded so i call it little darryl
Shoot you pump like in yo head just like caine cousin harryl
Gangsta grill you bastard
Shout out to drama if the feds try to get me umma look and say you honor
Im guilty get money make money
Im filthy
Dawg do you feel me
Dawg do you feel me
Cocaine lady selling good in my city shit gucci got a brick for every letter in the alphabet

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