Its gucci mane and good evening dawg
Dont need a holiday i shine for no reason yall
I gotta meeting with my jewelry big bread involved
So many million hope that i dont get the feds involved
And im not dancing yall
I aint fuking with your girl unless theres some head involved
I gotta 150 carrots on this chain good lord
They say my swag is insane bae im off the wall
Shes a crazy broad and she wont leave me lone becuz i got amazing cars
Im dropping crazy bars so when i hit award shows i fuck the crazy stars

150 carrots on my diamond necklace
Baby staring at it looking at her own 'flection
But i dont give a fuck bout who blessin it
Diamonds on my fist 'lectricity
250 carrots on my diamond pendant
Baby mad cuz i wont dance her and she gettin offended
But i dont give a fuck bout who blessin it
Diamonds on my wrist 'lectricity

Hood richer than you other sucker
I aint lying
Gucci gudda as a mother fucker
Game time
Pass the game down to my baby brother
When it comes time
Fucking two bitches that hang together
At the same time
Baby we can catch a plane together
Your so fine
Even ate and rob up out the dance hall
At late time
Im in this bitch im talking shit
Bricksquad click thats who im with
Stupid rich my jewelery sick
Im ballin like i hit a lick
Im in this bitch im high as shit
Fly as fuck im buying criss
Drunk up all the heinikin
Im acting like you dont exist
My wrist like frozen nuvo
Pink diamonds kick like judo
For one i need a duo
Big boy ballin like sumo

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