Double dueces on the back
21's on the front
Got the engine in the back
And the trunk is in the front
In the back of the club now smokin on a blunt
Club packed took a pass?? and parked right in the front
From the front to the back like a zoo party animal

Want to ball with me baby wat it do, party animal
Shes a man-eater baby, thats the kind?? of party animal
Imma party animal, shes a party animal
Im a party animal, used to be a trafficker
Bricks up on the bus call me the roll manager
200,000 cash i might put that in the challanger
Only ride on ????? cause thats my eat atlanta car
First i brought you juiceman, then i brought you flock flame
Gucci mane the bossman but you can call me iceman

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