Zay T on the track
Hah, Gucci Mane La Flare
So Icy Ent.
We back man we still icy man
Stupid jewelry stupid guap
Guapaholics on deck man

See my chain stupid
And my rang stupid
Girl I'm not stupid
But my knot stupid
All sets stupid VVS stupid
Girl it's Gucci Gucci
And my diamonds fruity

Seven on my Jacy baby call
Her terry bracelet baby
Bart one was spent bout 20 g's
Gucci drop three eighty baby
Multi-color clarity, my necklaces are heavy mane
Hit the club then leave the club, then come back with another chain
Mighty mouse is icy dog Bart shit is just stupid yellow
Blue black green white the diamonds match the groupies
Digitally enhance stones pinkies is like a movie truly I'm a walking lick Gucci man the talking brick if you ain't gonna talk, no chickens dog who you talking to
7:30 in the kitchen Nay Nay about to go to school
Saturday I'm cooking chickens mama about to go to work
Sunday Gucci cooking chickens granny about to go to church

Heavy wrist activity got me livin lovely
Cocka nina heavenly, cocka nina shawty
Breaking down ten chickens dog about to cook the shake up
All these extra grams might as well go buy a Jacob
Gucci man for mayor Gucci man so player reppin east Atlanta that's ten minutes from Decatur almost match are cars and are belts going to match are gators
You can't swang like Gucci cuz you don't got enough flavor
Heavy on the licorice then the street ridiculous
Bitches I'm magnificent I'm not very articulate

Gucci what the bidness is?
Shawty what's the business?
Every night is valentine every day is Christmas

My girlfriend say she love me but it's just the jewelry
Multi color carrots got your girlfriend kinda curious
First I drop my verse and then I go and drop the chorus
Then I'm gonna go back to my trap you know I'm Moreland
74 restored it, Zaytoven record it
Say you charging 30 like that Gucci can't afford it
Gucci charging 40 dog that's a couple birdies
Gucci stupid jewelry dog and I don't think they heard me

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