[Intro: DJ Scream & Verse Simmonds]
Baby you gon love me
Baby you gon love me
Baby you gon love me

[Hook: Verse Simmonds]
We ain't lookin at the price tag, fuck that
Baby if you like that, you get that
You gon love me, you gon love me
You gon love me, you gon love me
See I got enough to get your life right
Money make you come, we gon' be fuckin' all night
You gon love me, you gon love me
You gon love me, you gon love me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I can't lie, I'm into you
Baby what you finna do?
Yea I'm on some other shit
My hoes don't wear no tennis shoes
I put you on the money, baby roll with me you never lose
I'll take you to an island, fly you places you ain't never flew
Every day's a business move, your boyfriend tighter than a drum
I'm richer than the average nigga, baby I wouldn't lie to you
When I say you fine as fuck, baby girl I ain't tryna flatter you
But your boyfriend is a rainbow and he tryin to overshadow you
Gucci Mane splatter you, I'm the one she walkin to
I'm sippin' Absolute, I change the longitude and latitude
Bitch show me some gratitude, what's up with this attitude?
You mad these bitches jockin me, they met me 'cause I'm jockin' you


[Verse 2: Verse Simmonds]
I got that Rolex, morn sex, big dick, 4x
Sodomize you in the bedroom, got you seeing something, it's iTunes
Then hit the rest of this bottle, get fucked up and I got you
We gon tear them all up, the baller call up, choppa tellin you a wife
Soon as you hit the door they gon Kodak, expensive shit and they know that
I keep you fly like you owe that
Louie always in contact
Some say I score you but I can't afford to
We getting money, we getting money
10-17 and it's time to
Turn up, roll out, burn up til I'm so stuck
Poppin bands, I got Rollies
Fuckin nigga so loaded
It's whatever you like yea, it's whatever you like
Just know you shop til you drop and we gonna fucking tonight


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