I say that i love
I say that i believe
I say just a few words
And now that i'm exposed
I look out at you to reach out to
But your heart is kept closed
Hide behind laughter
And a smart-assed sneer
Cover yourself from what you see,
What you see and hear

No, you can't believe
That means you'd take a chance
To reach out
There are small things that we can do
Every single day
To make ourselves heroes
In our own little way

You are scared
(but so am i)
You are scared-so deep inside
You are scared-so you lie
You are scared-so you hide
You are scared-but don't you know

So am i
So am i
I'm scared

There's no exposure in darkness
No change in hate
I want to try to reach to you
But is it too late?

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