I'm an outlaw from the south got country in my mouth
I'm looking for good loving all the time
I got outlaw in my bones and jim beam in a lot of my songs
And there's a little bit of cherokee indian in my eyes
There's a whole lot hank underneath this hat of mine

Andrew jackson he was my kind of hero
Though he lived and died a hundered years ago
Frank and jessie james they know'd how to rob them trains
But they always took it from the rich and gave it to the poor
They mighta' had a bad name but they both had a heart of gold

But the greatest one of all is called luke the drifter
He wore diamond rings and his tailor made cowboy suits
Lawdy he was a honkytonk rambling man
He had this whole world in the palm of his hand
Till he died at twenty nine from the lovesick blues
Like young billy the kid and ole jessie he had nothing to lose

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