You said you'd never be caught dead
Listening to people sing with hats on their heads
Well my how times have changed
Did you get tired of heavy metal and chains

Come breathe the cool mountain air
Yeah take a look at our pretty girls on the square
Yeah buy a hat no you won't look like a fool
Cause country's hot and country's cool

Come on over to the country
I think you'll like it here just fine
Come on over to the country
Well try to sooth your rattled mind

Come on over to the country
Listen to our people sing
Come on over to the country
You might find we're to your liking

Don't matter if your in new york or la
We'll take you to montana from the freeway
Come ride with us down the radio waves
We're here twenty-four hours a day

Yeah my girl used to be a rock-n-roll queen
That was until the night she heard bocephus sing
She married me and moved to the country
Why she even had cow poo on her jeans eew

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