My dad was a good man
He wanted it all
But no one ever told him
You can't break the law
Only wanted to please me and my mom
Did not mean to hurt or harm no one
And it goes on and on
It ain't no fun
The road becomes my only home
But the chase will always be far too fun
Like my dad i'm on the run
I Don't Care At All
Above The Law
Like My Dad I'm A Thief
I Take What I Want
Don't Care At All
FUCK The Law
I Don't Care Who You Are
I Get What I Want
I Take What I Want
My hero he is
Forget about mom
The only thing I need right now
The warmth of a gun
Only Wanted To Please Me And My Mom
I Guess He Did Not Mean To Hurt No one
And It Goes On And On
It Ain't No Fun

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