marks that they have set before me
stones lain to show the paths for me to take
they have no foundation to hold me
hold me under falling
I slip through these cracks
forget me, dance on me
bruises turn to wounds
I tried, never good enough
with my eyes wide open
to follow you down
follow you inside
watching you
watching you drag me down
hold me under my failure
I drown, who are you to tell me that im less?
I drown, open my eyes to see
I see you are scared
I'll make it on my own it brings you down
that I find life everyone suffers for you
you look inside
inside you are drowing yourself.
inside the fear
burns feeling is lost grab
anything as the light fades away
hold me under my failure I drown
allow me to hold on or to reach
I've reached myself you kick
I bleed, you kick, I bleed for you

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