No where to go
The calories of this love

Gray cloud Monochrome bustle
Sun light shadows
Dusk changes it's color
Ahh, World ooze
Even so will I still love you
Obvious But what can I do
What can I ... How can I ...
What a fool ... I am ...

Let's begin This is war
To see you happy! (with someone else)
Earnest feeling of love Shall be Sin
I will show you my heart

Megaphone I screamed with was broken
How hard I try to reach up
And fail to get into your sight
Ahh, Clear sky slid by Never suiting(this situation)
I can't get hold of my feeling What can I... How do I...
(I am)Not crying / I am not....


Let's fight it out Shoot the heart
There's no time for selecting means
Show off my skirt flutter
I'll get your eyes on me

Get ready to intercept
War situation is still disadvantageous
Love is blind
I'll be awaken by your kiss

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