In the morning, I woke up
First thing that came to my mind
Was about you
I gave into have my bang cut
"What's the news?" was
What I wanted to hear

Pink skirt Flower barrette
Stick it on and I am going out
Me today...
(Should be) Cute!

MELT...I might melt
To say I love you
Is just impossible...
I can't even look your eyes
I'm not going to be in love with love
Not me
Because it's you
....I like

Weather forecast lied
It's raining downpoar
(Umbrella) kept in my bag
(Was) Collapsible umbrella. No welcome...
I sighed
At the moment,
Was it "Oh well ... I'll join you"
You beside me smiled
I heard the sound I fall in love

MELT I'm about choke(lose) my breath
My right hand that's touching you
Shakes... My Heart thumping
Umbrella...half for you and half for me
If I reach out my hand You are under my reach
Oh my gosh...!

Reach, my feeling(love)! To you...
Please stop the time
I'm about to cry
But I'm so happy
I'll die...!

MELT (No...) We are reaching the station...
I can't see you anymore ... It's so close
And yet so far...So
MELT I want to walk with you...
Hand in hand!
Is it really the time to Bye-bye?
Hold me...right now...
In your arm!
....No way (I can do such thing)

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