I've walked the highway since I can't remember I cut my poor family right down to the bone From the shadows of hell, to the winds of December Layed down with a stranger, woke up all alone

So don't let me fall
'Cause I might not get up again
Just hold me tight
Right now what I needs a friend
I've come to far now
For this to be the end
So don't let me fall
'Cause I might not get up

God knows I tried to hold on to a feelin'
A song or a memory to keep in my heart
I ask forgiveness from those I've forsaken Forgiveness don't come and it tears me apart

Repeat Chorus

Killin' this pain, outside in the rain
One hand holds the bottle, one hand holds my pain I don't know which comes first, I don't know which is worse Ridin' behind or inside the hearse

Repeat Chorus

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