keep knockin' over whiskeys, no one's laugin' at my jokes They got me spinnin' round in circles like a tin can in the spokes When I left town this mornin' with a smile upon my face Ahh, babe, I swear I never knew I'd end up in this place

Run away little darlin'
You don't need me anymore
I've been out here for too long
It ain't like it was before

If I get back home to Houston, I'm gonna tip my hat and cry When I left I was a younger man, too proud to say goodbye I'm gonna wake up in the mornin' with a conscience ten feet tall I'm gonna lay my head down wiser or I won't lay down at all

Repeat Chorus

You used to live out on the border where no one else could reach Now I can't ask a question without you givin' a speech You said, "I never cared." Babe, you know that isn't true It's just the only thing you asked of me was the one thing I can't do

Repeat Chorus

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