We have been waiting, for so very long
During that time, their army's grown strong
Even with you, by our side
Thoughts of defeat I cannot deny

When you ran away, on that terrible day
Many did say, coward running away from them
You should have stayed, OUR PEOPLE THEY PRAYED!
Now as Unearther for them, you must repay!

You knew at that time, we just could not win
Though brave our forces, were stretched way too thin
To win a war, battles are sometimes lost
You gave up yourself to lessen the cost
A pact with the gods, you traded your soul
And your mortal life, they demanded for toll
They granted you, to be more than a man
Now unearther unveil your plan

You never ran away, on that strangest of days
You never failed, and now its time to prevail for them
Sharpen your blade, OUR PEOPLE STILL PRAY
Now as Unearther for them, you must repay!

Show them the Way!
Sharpen The Blade!
Free them this day!
Free us this day!

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