Knocked up
Shame, shame
I'm gonna ruin
My family name
Here comes
What Granny's
Been dreadin'
Belly full of baby
In a shotgun wedding
Hand-me-down crib
In a pick up truck
That's what you get
When you get
Knocked up

He's a good lookin'
Guitar man
I was his
From the very first kiss
I was thinkin' 'bout me
And him
Makin' some plans
But I sure
Wasn't plannin' on this


I ain't nothin'
But a kid myself
Still figurin' right
From wrong
Judgin' by the shape
Of my figure now
Them innocent days
Are gone


Rockabye baby
Don't worry none
'Bout what me
And your Daddy done
Mama's gonna love her
Little one
All these tears
Won't mean
It won't matter
That your Mama
Got knocked up
Knocked up
Shame, shame

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