Can I sleep on your shoulder?
Whisper sweet words in my ear.
Can we go out together?
Can we make out and pretend it's all there?
Cause you know, I've been waiting for
something that hasn't come through
But it might come along soon
And until that, you will do
I can't believe it's not love!

I'll take you to the movies
Yell at you when you're late
You can sigh when I shower for too long
Hold up the bathroom so that you have to wait
Invite people over for dinner
Make up names for kids we could have had
And when we get drunk, we can get it together
Go home too early, everyone will say we're sad
I can't believe it's not love!
Have white wine parties in the sun
And talk about what it's going to be like to find someone
I can't believe it's not true
And I can't believe you didn't know this, too

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