I need a miracle

A little girl setting in her mother's arms
with sadness in hTer eyes
The doctor said I'm sorry man
But there's no hope in sight
The family gathered round her
And on their knees began to pray
As the tears fell like rain
You could hear her mother say

Lord, I need a miracle today
Please just let one pass my way
I believe in you
Help me overcome this fear inside
This pains to much for me to hide
Lord see me through
I need a miracle from you
A drunken man stumbles in the church house
Because he had no place to go
The loss of his family left him grieving in his soul
The preacher stood and spoke
Of how Jesus loves you anyway
Now with the choice at hand to run or stay
The man bowed his head and prayed

That little girl is now a wife with two kids of her own
And that man that bowed his head
Has led many to the throne with this prayer


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