Sometimes I feel like I´m just walkin´around
With my head with up in the clouds
I´m steady movin´but I´m not gainning ground
Standing the wrong way in the crowd
Then I remember I´m not part of this world
I´m moving higher each day
Upward mobility sounds mighty good t me
And I just can´t wait to get way

I got to remember I´m not here to say
I´m looking forward to a brighter day
I got to remember I´m not here for long
I´m just livin´in my temporary home

When you are bothered by the problems in life
Just don´t let´em get you down
Just look to Jesus, you will not be denied
He´ll take you up to higher ground

And don´t forget you´re a child of the King
You´re and heir to His throne
You may not know just when, but He´s coming back
To take us to our happy home, y´all


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