Things got pretty dark there
It looked like we were stuck
It's hard out in the desert
When youre just a little duck

So we built ourselves a raft
And took it to the moon
Though things got kind of rocky
On those lunar afternoons

Then oh no
The waves are crashing harder
Against our tiny boat
That's drowning in the water

The captain says
He hopes it will get better
We should not be sailing
In such stormy weather

The martians had a picnic
And they sent a telegram
I think they meant to call me sir
But instead they called me ma'am

And most nights I stay in now
I stare up at the stars
Oh how I miss the lost canals
On distant planet Mars

And hey hey
The water's flowing faster
From my mother's fountain
That my father made her

And all day
I've been working on this letter
I've been trying and trying
To say what I am after

We should not be sailing in such stormy whether

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