I'd rather be on the outside
I'd rather not have to hide myself from my friends who are "there until the end"
There's so much that I still don't understand
I guess I never will I guess it wasn't meant to be
I'll try to open up my eyes and then I'll try to make em see
That there's only so much that I can do
And I've done it all for you

I want to be what you want me to be
But why should I give up everything?
I'll make you see past the bad side of me
Why should I give up anything?

Every day, every way I've been losing my mind
I've been running hill but there's no finish line for me to cross so I'll keep going on and on...
What do you expect from me?
You're the one that never tried to see this all from a different point of view
But I guess that just wouldn't "be like you"

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