How come no one told me i was dying out loud?

play nice, this is more than another rant about lonely nights
and a second chance that i can't understand and i won't lend a hand
in the end this is more for my better half
what's wrong with a life filled from front to back
with a bad upperhand and i'm only getting back
getting even only pays if the consequence stays
and i know that i should give this up for good

and i know that i'm not coming out on top

well the rich get richer while we fall behind
and i'm not gonna waste my time in this state of mind
well i've never been one to look the other way
and i still don't see the point
the middle class always comes in last
life's hard no reguard for a broken past
well i guess there's a first for everything
and i guess my head's on way too straight to see
and when did this stop making any sense at all?
please tell me dont you wish our back wasnt against the wall?
dont sell me short because i know
your plans and dont act different
cause your luck ran out again now i dont stand a chance so take whats
left and leave before its too late
past the film that covers my whole life
i hope this falling out will cover up my eyes
just wait with open arms and open ears
it's not worth trying to fight the tears
i'm sick and tired of these dull regrets
and you can't stand up for me

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