Can't get to sleep and
my mind's constantly thinkin about you (you)
tried everything to
get you out my system but it's no use (mmm)
Sometimes it's living through hell
the more I try to break the spell
the further that I lose myself (in you)
Though I know you're no good for my health
I just can't help myself
Can't live without you boy.
Oh I'm pulled in by the weight of your gravity
by the weight of your gravity
Oh I'm pulled in by your weight never lost it seems
can't explain what is happening.
You are my weakness
the one habit I can't break,
the fix that gets me through when days are blue
I'm so addicted that I get withdrawl symptoms
can't live my life without you cuz you're
the one that gets me by (takes me)
takes me on a high (makes me)
feel like I can fly way up high
like I think you're my pick-me-up
the one thing I can't get enough
enough of
I'm so dependent on you.
Toss and turning (turning)
without the warming (warming)
my body's yearning (yearning)
just craving you
Fever's burning (burning)
Sweat is pouring (pouring)
I lie here awake shiver and shake, waiting
(Chorus 2x)

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