Let us stop and think a while,
Let us walk instead of running a mile,
Coz things are moving way too fast,
Like life ain't going to last
Let us learn from nature
The seeds of life originator
The birds the bees and the trees
The streams of life, our dreams
Coz that's the way I do things yea
Don't waste time with sad things
Ain't down with expectations, no deal,
Coz I know what's real,
(I'm smiling) That's just all I have to do
(I'm smiling) Yeah and I seem to get through to you,
(I'm smiling) Got all the answers I need,
No Talking just being me.
People say its all insanity,
While they themselves are sane,
But if insanity, is what feels good to me,
I'm happy and there's no blame
People say I'm always singing,
But I smile at them, coz it's joy it's bringing
Coz contemplation is the key,
That helps me see, (What others don't see)

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