Some secrets need to be kept
Some stories should never be told
Some reasons shouldn't be understood
They just might turn your blood cold
Who needs all the answers?
Who takes all the chances?
Who said the truth's gonna save you?
When the truth could be dangerous

Like the way I feel
It's alright to steal
What I need from you
Do what I have to do
Say what I have to say
Go where I have to go
And that's dangerous
Dangerous to know

Know, know, know

I was alone into myself
When you found me out on my own
Together nothing was sacred
Together we were alone
Who needs all the questions?
Who lost their direction?
Who said a lie's gonna break you?
When a lie could be dangerous


Ignorance is best
You're safe when you resist
There's no safety
In a kiss like this
It's dangerous
So kiss me
Kiss me


Know, know, know

Some secrets need to be kept

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