Verso 1
There's a voice deep within
Like the whisper on the wind
That calls my name
My heart from darkness
In the only way I know
Lord I come before Your throne
Into the light of Your forgiveness

And today
A brand new day has come
Angels celebrate
Singing Hallelujah
We praise Your name

Verso 2:
Heard my voice in the crowd
Reached on down and pulled me out
By Your side
I'll live forever
Lord Your Love is better than
The things I've known, the things I've had
I lay it down in my surrender

Ponte :
You're the One who makes all things new
You're the One who makes all things new
The King of salvation Faithful and true
Teach me to trust in You

Ponte 2:
Let me not forget this day
Let me never forget such grace
Where You poured Your love on me
And you became my Lord and King

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