[Words & Music By Reuben Morgan and Jay Cook]

(Verse 1)
You alone are all
You're all I need
To You I give all of me
Finding You in love
My soul will sing
To You I give the glory

(Pre Chorus)
The universe declares
Your majesty
Lord above the heavens
Reign in us

(Chorus 1)
See You lifted up
Over all our lives
Hear our praises rise to You
Beautiful God

(Chorus 2)
See Your kingdom come
Your will be done
As Your glory fills the earth
Glorious One

(Verse 2)
Letting go above I thought I knew
I hold on now to only You
Leaving fear I run into Your Hope
Stand upon one thing alone

No other name is greater
No other name is higher
there's no other name
But the author of salvation
His name is Jesus

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