To bring this world to life
To heal this heart of me
Your Grace enough
To mend this world in need
To break the chains in me
Your Grace enough
Now this means Love

The weight of all our sin upon his shoulders
That we should all be called your sons and daughters

Father, let heaven and earth collide
In the endless Wonder
Of your Love upon the cross
We Will follow and offer this life forever
To see your Love unfold

Adapted as your own
Alive to make you know
Now this means Love, this means Love

For the last and for the broken
For the slave and for the orphan
For everyone to realise your Love
From the famous to the faceless
From the beggar to the king
For everyone to realise your Love
You restore the broken hearted
You bring freedom to the captive
For one and all
Forever this means Love
All your children come together
All your sons and all your daughters
Your Grace enough
Forever this means Love

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