Verse 1:
Lost and stranded
Empyt handed
Broken down and all alone
Your mercy it entered into darkness
And enfolded us in love

We give You all we are
For the glory of Your Name
We give all we are
For Your praise

Verse 2:
Just a glimmer of Your glory
And the earth falls to it's knees
You level the mountains
With a whisper
And You calm the raging sea


Let the earth come to life
In the light of heaven's glow
And the streets sound with joy
As the shackles lose their hold
You laid down Your life
For one and all
So we give all we are
To You alone

[Verse 3:]
This means freedom for the captive
And good news for those in need
Your message is justice and compassion
God of love and Prince of Peace



With one voice we sing hallelujah
All the earth cry out hallelujah
With the angels sing hallelujah
Jesus Christ is King

We give everything
To You alone

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