Author of the world
You wrote Yourself in
Tearing sin apart
At the very seams
Opening our eyes
To a world unseed
Your love revealed to me


We owe this life
To the love of Christ
Saviour of the worlds
And our hearts desire
The fate of man help
Within Your hands
You gave Your life


So we're Yours alone
We're undivided
We're Yours alone
With nothing more to give
We're Your alone
We're undivided
Surely as the light of day
Your love will guide us home


Breaking down the walls
That division brings
Taking forth the truth
To a world in need
Beating in our hearts
Is etenity
Your love is all we seek


This is change
New resolve
We seek more than
Just to please ourselves

Now we see
Through Your eyes
As Your purpose
And our hearts collide

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