Who is man
That You are mindful of him
And who am I
That You would choose to love me
You open up Your arms
And You bled for all I've done
Just to call me Your own

I belong to a Kingdom
That can never be moved
And through a cross
I am made so wonderfully new
You open up Your arms
'cause You saw me from afar
And You welcomed me home

All glory to the God of grace
All glory to the Lamb who takes our sin
All glory to the Name above all names
Surely Your love has saved us

I believe in the
Power of Your glorious Name
And nothing else
Could ever boast such power to save
I'll open up my arms
And I'll sing for all You are
And the love that You've shown

For all who come to find this saving love
The heavens sing
For there is great rejoicing over one
And all the heavens sing

Glory to God always
Glory to God always
Glory to God now and forever more

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