It's all the same,
Regardless of your record and your name
Rappers walking in the rain,
tryna state there claim
I can take the weight they just....
Take the backpain
There's much to gained with the money and fame
(It's like that)
I feel the power when i hear it in the streets
(It's like that)
It used to be about the lyrics and beats
(Behind that)
From tomorrow until comercialism
And now it's built as a prison
For us to walk common streets

Now if flesh is weak
My passion is my shield
And my strength is my speech
In which i'll make men yeild
Cuz in the field of expertize
Man you rappers flex with ease
Using hip-hop as gimmicks in which to gain sex with these...

With a joint or a bottle...
And a picturing posing crew
The only thing i ever learned is
'I can only trust a chosen few'

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