i make tracks for the certified
for the b-boys
for the disempowered
for the unemployed
for the worried mothers counting groceries
for my friends, my family, people who are close to me
and if your close to me i'm loyal to the end
cuz im too bad with names to make new friends and
im too opinionated to keep my mouth shut
im a turn the world upside down and put the south up
on top of this we rockin this cuz i aint got nothin else and it helps when i see the city sufferin
i'm rupturing lyrics, haemorraghing tracks, bleedin out my personality all over for the wax
so dj's get ya fingers deep in my haemoglobin
call me safe breaker from the way i always get ya open
suffa mc get down wit ya sufferin self
i make tracks cuz i aint got nothin else

it's like this, it's like that
riding under one banner
it's like this, its like that
riding under one banner

hip hop and cigarettes fill my day
put my worries in a cup and watch them spill away
i feel today is just yesterday waiting to happen
thats why i have no patience with my rappin
gotta get these tracks written, rehearse em til they're tight
make beats all day, record the verses through the night
i make tracks for kids in bedrooms and hotels, apartments
cars with their partners and motels
in campervans, caravans, combi-vans, cruise ships
make tracks for my brothers who taught me to love music
make tracks for kids in the sub-terrainean
i even make tracks for yanks who love australians
make tracks for girls in the mediterranean
who sit by the window singin here comes the rain again
make tracks for the love, for myself
i make tracks cuz i aint got nothin else


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