What do you have on me that keeps me tied down to ya
I hear your voice and it just stops me in my tracks
My friends all tell me I am whipped when it comes to ya
I must not mind it much 'cause I keep coming back

You've got me jumpin' over fences
Since you've been around
And I'm losin' all my senses
Can't tell up from down
You've got me jumpin' over fences

I've got it bad for you and girl I won't deny it
It's hard to measure just how tight you've got me wound
I couldn't run from you 'cause even if I wanted
It's hard to run when your feet don't touch the ground

(repeat chous)

I've been messed up girl since I ran into ya
It's hard to sleep because I think of you at night
Can't find my keys and I'm leavin' doors wide open
I'd lose my head if it wasn't on real tight

(repeat chorus)

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