I can still remember like it was yesterday
When Daddy sold his Corvaire and we watched it drive away
Then we walked down to the corner with the money that he got
He bought a Vista-Cruiser off of Mr.Kelly's lot
That station wagon was the ugliest thing around
And I'd hide beneath the dashboard every time we drove it into town
Now twenty one years later I got a wife and kid
And I'm standing here on Kelly's lot just like my daddy did singing...

Goodbye twenties hello mini van
Look out thirties I'm becoming my old man
The keys are in my pocket, I got the title in my hand
Goodbye twenties hello mini van

Selling that four by four really hurt my pride
But the cold hard fact was the lack of room inside
So long to my younger days I don't cruise for chicks no more
Now it's luggage racks and fruit juice packs and an extra sliding door

(repeat chorus)

I can see us on the highway, baby's fast asleep
Mama reads a book and I'm in the driver's seat
Heading off to places we've never been before
With everything I need and room for more

(repeat chorus)

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