She's got this car
And she drives it likes she's right out of her mind
She drives it like she thinks that she is running out of time
Afraid to cross that line
Only she knows the road she left behind

She's got this heart
A heart just like a wheel that spinnin' around
And she drives it like she's crashin' through the barrier of sound
Where no one can be found, and
Nothing can hold her or dare to drag her down, hey hey

She'll push you to the limit as she slams it to the floor
And take you to the places that you've never been before

She takes the highway
She loves, she loves the little white lines
She runs the reds every night, that's right
She says the highway
Is gonna get you through
But daybreak, she's running from you
Metallic blue

The road is dark
And the lines are leading to the exit signs
And there ain't no brakes to stop the ache on highway 69
Baby, not this time
You're runnin' from shadows, and they'll get ya every time, hey hey

She'll take you to the fast lane with her leather and her steel
She'll make you go the distance she'll make it so unreal


She loves the speed...

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