I have searched so long to find a place of shelter
To get out of this storm of broken love
And I found you
Needed a place to get out of the pain
And far away from the hail of hurt
I ran to you

Is it any wonder
Why I stay so long
In a place where I found comfort
Wrapped up in your arms
And I think I’ll stay forever
If it’s ok with you that is
Cause to me loving you
Only makes sense

Your tenderness helps me to be strong
Your faithfulness gives me the will to carry on
I need you
In your heart is where I’ll lock mine up
Cause I know that I can always trust your love
I can trust in you

So if your wondering how I feel about us
Then let this song be a symbol of our love
And my love for you
And if this song I write ain’t what you need
And it don’t clear things up about you and me
I’ll write another one for you

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