It seems the world has turned its back against me
In everything I try and do
My dreams and hopes are always quashed I'm feeling
Out of date and overdue

I'm on a neverending path to glory
It's an uphill struggle everyday
All day, a way I'm trying to find
That's what I'm looking for
The key to open my life's door

I know I'll be, I wanna be somebody someday
They'll look and see, wish that they could reverse their ways
That star in the sky, so bright one day I'll be singing
And laughing passing them by

For years my friends would always say "you'll never make it big in any way"
But now it's remember me when you're famous
A different tune they seem to play


I've been ahead of myslef before ahead of the game
I don't wanna look stupid so I watch what I say
And now I'm closer than I've ever been, I've given everything
To take a chance and follow my dream

(chorus till end)

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