I'm the saboteur of darkened days
The city skyline fades to grey
Here where I stand have I betrayed?
And all I was, has dragged us back
To where it felt like a heart attack
The boy I was is dead and gone
Here where I stand have I betrayed?

To mislead is our mission
From this stunning situation
My voice drowned out by the truth
Of dastardly devastating days
We'de be lost to our dismay

Where angels fall is where you'll find me
Prisoner to embers fire and sullied
Ideas of truth
Signal the escape
5000 souls led to the bring
and so I'll say to you
how can we just move on right on through move on
right on cue
and now that I have lost my sense of crippiling disgust
how could we do the things we do?

So I decline I'm writing lines
Based on memories of solace and lies
And I decline for I've lost my mind
And I swear that this is all over

So move on through, right on cue.

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