I was your baby-you were my girl
When I asked you to marry me- the tears fell

Sons N` lovers, sons n` lovers, waving
My childhood goodbye-it seems so sad
Well how long have you been my best friend
This won`t be the end of
Sons n` lovers-sons n` lovers--she won`t wanna talk anymore about it

You were my lady- I was your number one
When I said I was leaving- tears run

Sons n` lovers-sons n` lovers, breakin`
Tryin` not to hurt each others hearts
Well how long can we exist- I know
We can`t go on like this
Sons n` lovers-son`s and lovers--I don`t wanna lie anymore

Was that you I saw--walkin` out along the shore
Was that you I saw-talkin` to him
Was that you i saw-puttin` his hands in yours
Thats alright ma- you can still love him
Thats alright ma- you can still love
And through the years-you know- we will remember
Time will never take old times away
How long for you to discover that- there still some strings attached to
Sons n` lovers-sons and lovers
But I don`t wanna play anymore
Sons n` lovers

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