Ain't coming back
Honey, that is that
Richey is dead (4X)
I know a girl who's got a picture of you over her bed
She refuses to believe any of the stories that you might be dead
She's been living like this, crying all the time since you went away
And even when I tell her you won't be back she laughs at my face, wha hahaha
Richey is dead (4X)
How come this boy meant so much more to you than we'll ever know?
But you got a new man, he's a good time, but you let him go
Cos I've seen you round town buying things that he used to wear
And now he looks just like him, everyone is laughing, it just isn't fair, no no no no
Richey is dead (4X)
(He's gone, honey)
You gotta know that he has thrown himself over
You gotta know by now
Richey's been released, you gotta let him rest in peace
Richey's not so manic now, come on
Richey is dead (8X)

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